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Sparks WingRunner

WingRunner is the second handbook in Sparks. This book covers Scripture from Judges through the Birth of Christ, teaching kids about exciting people from the Bible. Sparkies grow in their faith through fun group lessons, discipleship activities, and awards.


Lesson Videos

Unit 1
Sparks: Year 2 Lessons

Handbook Music

Unit 2

WingRunner Handbook Music


WingRunner Handbook Music


WingRunner Handbook Music


WingRunner Handbook Music


Handbook Audio

Listen to your Sparks Handbook audio by first selecting your version, then your book, then your section

Unit 3

Parent Pages

WingRunner: Promise Awana at Home Book

Unit 4

Additional Resources

Sparks Verse Lists for Listeners

WingRunner: KJV  NKJV  NIV  ESV

Sparks Special Needs Labels


We hope you’ll find the Sparks special needs labels helpful in working with your Sparks kids. If the shortened verses are still too difficult for your kids, you may shorten them to fit their needs.

Understanding is the most important element of Scripture memorization. Don’t forget, sometimes your kids need more than the usual number of helps to pass a section.

Print a copy of the verses on labels that are compatible with Avery label 5960. Then place the labels on the corresponding page in their Sparks handbook. 

Sparks Stationery


Sparks Theme Song

Lyrics and Chords

Sheet Music

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